I made my goddess proud – 1

I made my goddess proud 3

Hi everyone, myself Suman narrating my experience with you. I am 27 years old now and these are all begun from my childhood itself.

From the day of my birth I trust in one person that is my mom, I loved her so much and even I am the only precious thing for her. She was surely a traditional woman with some naughtiness.

We live 4 in a family than my dad, my mom, me and my grandma. As I was the only son to my parents they give me their entire love especially my mom she even nursed me up to the age of four and a half years. This creates a great bonding between both of us.

My dad Sudhindra was a busy person working for a private entrepreneur, my mom Sunitha was a homemaker and sometimes work for the village president’s house. My grandma died when I was in primary school and hence I don’t know much about her.

I and mom were very close and we both share our thoughts without much hesitation. She was very caring to me like she feeds me with her hands, dresses me and even gives a bath to me.

The day she gives a bath to me for the last time was before I became a complete man. It is still memorable. I was 13 years old that time, one day, as usual, she is giving me a nude bath, my groin was somewhat changing that time and that day it grows up to 3 inches.

Initially, mom doesn’t care for it but during its wash, she accidentally jerk it off and suddenly something strange happened to me, a transparent liquid comes out of it. It spills on mom’s hand and she closely inspects it, it was a thin slippery liquid.

She doesn’t care about it and gave me a full body wash and dried me. But once I finished my prayers she told me that from tomorrow she won’t give bath to me and I am matured enough to take bath by own.

I was really amazed by her words. But should obey her orders. At that time I don’t have the idea of lust, porn, and sex, I am completely free-minded.

A couple of years passed and I got little knowledge of sex especially the process of reproduction. The primary source of knowledge was a weekly magazine in which a page is dedicated to solving the reproductive problems.

I understand something from that but up to a certain level only, rest of the things I imagined myself. I understood about the penis which I had, but what is a vagina? the question arises in my mind.

Who’s gonna ask about this I thought a lot and finely decided to ask mom my only option at that time. One day I rushed from school and come to mom and tell I want to ask you something! She was proud of her son’s curiosity and give an offering smile.

Suddenly I broke lips and asked “Mom, show me your vagina ”

As I was a kid to her she just smiled and tried to convince me, but was strong at my wish. she failed to convince me upto the night. Before going to bed she surrendered to me “Ok, I will show it to you tomorrow ”

Next day morning I got up earlier than regular, I wander behind her wherever she goes. by seeing my curiosity she broke her voice”Be patient my son, I will definitely show you before taking today’s bath” Now my mind fully concentrates on her bathing schedule.

It was around 11 am and I noticed she takes her towel from the hanger, I think this was my time and rushed towards the bathroom. She welcomed me with a smile and locked the door.

She puts her hand inside and pulled off her panties down, lifted her dress and also her leg and placed it on a higher part of the bathroom “See this is my vagina, this is from where you born” but I got a complete disappointment because I couldn’t see anything in that dark.

As ours was an old village house it doesn’t even have a window in the bathroom. But I am not ready to leave it ” Mom I couldn’t see anything, wait a minute I will bring a torch” and immediately opens the door and rushed towards the living room.

Mom shouted from the back” No son no” but I finally found one and came back to the bathroom with it.

As I get back to the bathroom she was not there, I searched for her with the help of torchlight and surprisingly find her on the toilet commode. I focused torch to just what I want to see that’s my mom’s pubic area, it was a little hairy but I can clearly found out her clit.

Her underlips were not that much red but were thick and brown, a little part of it is stretched out and it became a blackmark its beauty. Before this incidence, I have not seen any cunt but they were very smooth and curvy in my imagination.

I cursed myself for damaging her beauty, I think that odd outstretch is because of me that while coming to this earth I have damaged the way. Suddenly she starts pissing and the beauty turns into a heavenly thing, but I couldn’t look at it for more time and just run away from the place.

As time runs I turned 18 and dad gives some household responsibilities. Before the times’ dad usually travels a lot to get into the work, but from now he takes a house for rent in his workplace and stayed there.

I and mom were left alone in the home. By this time I have matured in my sexual knowledge also. I have seen a lot number of videos and read stories. Now I can understand what dad will do to mom when he came for a refreshment, how much mom like it and how she feels when he left.

A strong intention was built in my mind that I have to keep her happy whatever the way it is. So I decided to do it, its the one the society called sin. The thought in my mind at that time was just to give her pleasure nothing more than that, and at that point also I never lusted on her but next, I have to be.

I started working on it, changed my diet plans and switched to a more healthier one. Got to know about some physical and sexual exercise to make my body ready. I have read it somewhere that a strong body and a good tool can melt a woman irrespective of their relationship.

I started practicing some mental exerciss to control my emotions. But mind was not clear that I am doing right, so I referred the internet on this regard. There I found a lot of stories about mom-son and the videos literally help me to gain confidence.

As this continues for couple of months my mom also become depressed due to dads busy schedule. Now its my time to do my duty but I decided to test myself before presenting before her.

I fixed a day when mom go to somewhere and I am alone in the home, I downloaded some videos to my phone and started jerking while watching them. My manhood grows and grows to its maximum level and I don’t forget to measure it, it shows 6.5’in the ruler.

I also checked my potency by measuring jerking time with the aid of some oil on hands, it well passed 15 minutes and these tests boost my confidence. Now I am ready to go to her and give her what she needed.



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